Baleines lighthouse on Re island

lighthouse on Re Island

I'm tired of this never ending winter. I read that this winter was the coldest in twenty years. A coat, gloves and a warm sweater are mandatory clothes to wear when leaving the house for a walk outside.

Dreaming of Oleron Island

I'm dreaming of warm temperatures, of sunny days. I'm waiting for my next holidays on Oleron Island. With a mild weather, allowing to lie on the beach or to walk in the woods.

I close my eyes and imagine hearing the sounds of the sea. A sailboat is gliding across the bay. There is almost no one on this beach.

Nature, sea, sun, this is the life I'm dreaming of. What a pity that in real life there are cities, cars, cold winters and rain…

Sometimes, instead of dreaming of Oleron Island, I travel in thought to its neighbor, the island of Re. Although equally charming, these islands are very different from each other.

Summer holidays on Re island

I use to spend some time on this island every two years. There, I enjoy forgetting about driving. In the afternoon, after a good fish lunch, I like to ride my bicycle to go to the beach.

The picture above is a little souvenir from my summer holidays on Re island. I found Baleines Lighthouse (Lighthouse of the Whales) very impressive.

Two lighthouses

This lighthouse seems to protect the islanders as well as the sailors. Is Chassiron lighthouse on Oleron island its brother? Both are symbols of their islands.

As two brothers, they used to be confused by sailors. To avoid boating accidents, three black stripes were added to Chassiron, whose color was originally plain white.

Thanks to these lighthouses, boats can safely navigate in the Pertuis d'Antioche between Oleron Island and Re Island.