Pound cake with a bread maker

It's so easy to cook a pound cake ! And even easier if you have a bread maker.

You will need four eggs, butter, sugar and flour. An equal quantity of all those ingredients is required.

First, weigh the four eggs. Each of the other ingredients must have the same weight as the eggs.

Then, beat the eggs with a whisk. Put the beaten eggs, the butter and the sugar into the bread pan, and add half a teaspoon of salt.

And it's almost done ! Add now the flour and one packet of yeast.

Select the cake cycle with medium crust colour and press start. Less than two hours later, a delicious pound cake will be waiting for you.

pound cake

Tea time

I enjoy cooking a pound cake for tea time. It's appreciated by the kids and their parents!

Often, I eat it without additional ingredients, but I also like it with some marmalade.

Once, I tried it with some hazelnut chocolate spread, but I would not recommend it, the chocolate kills all the flavors of the pound cake.

Vanilla pound cake

My prefered one is the vanilla pound cake. The recipe is the same as above, but before puting the yeast, I add two small packets of vanilla sugar.

I find the pound cake better when cooked a few hours before eating it. I usually prepare it early in the morning if I want a perfect vanilla pound cake for tea time.

Of course, the bread maker makes things easier, but cooking with a conventional oven is a reasonable alternative.

Taste and texture are then slightly different. If I find the vanilla pound cake better when cooked with the bread maker, my wife prefers the traditional cooking method.

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