Raisin bread with a breadmaker

The bakery near my apartment was selling delicious brioches. Every Friday afternoon, it was great to buy one and keep it as a treasure for Saturday's breakfast.

Last summer, the bakery closed. I had to buy industrial buns. Toasted with some marmelade, it didn't taste so bad, but I was missing a good brioche for my breakfast.

Carisma's breadmaker

That's why I bought a breadmaker. Barely unpacked, it was put to work.

The first brioche was made with a recipe found browsing blogs. It was quite good, but not perfect. Week after week, I changed the recipe until being fully satisfied.

Now, every week-end, thanks to my breadmaker, a good brioche is on the table for my breakfast.

Not only for a brioche

There's another bakery in my street, which doesn't sell brioches, but has a very good bread. That's why I usually prefer buying my bread than cooking it. However, there is an exception.

I like eating cheese with a good raisin bread. If you enjoy it too, here's a recipe to bake a raisin bread with a breadmaker.

My beloved raisin bread

One hour in advance, soak the raisins in rum.

In the bottom of the bread pan, put 7fl oz/210ml of hot water (directly from the tap), two teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of salt and one package of yeast. Depending on your taste, add one to two tablespoons of honey.

Add now 0.9lb/410g of flour and that's it! Select the quick bread cycle with medium crust colour and press start.

The quick bread cycle gives good results, but you might prefer using the normal one.

A few minutes after starting, add the raisins in the bread pan.

An hour later, a delicious raisin bread is baked.

Breadmaker or bread maker ?

While I was writing this recipe, I asked myself how to write "breadmaker". In the pound cake recipe, I spelled it with a space between "bread" and "maker". But today, I'm not so sure of that spelling.

After some research on the Web, it appears that if "breadmaker" is more common, "bread maker" seems also to be used. Well, I still don't know what spelling I should use…