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I remember my first day with my brand new bread maker. I baked a delicious brioche that was on the table for breakfast the next day.

Do you know a better companion for cheese than a homemade raisin bread? I don't, this raisin bread recipe is quick and easy to cook, success is guaranteed!

For tea time, a vanilla pound cake prepared with a bread maker is always appreciated. Children enjoy it, but of course, their parents are allowed to eat it too.


I like spending my holidays on Oleron island or on its neighbor, Re island. Both have nice beaches and vast forests.

Their environment is preserved. As each island has his own character, I still don't know which one I prefer.

The economic crisis hits most of us, but in Ibiza some happy fews may wonder why they should worry about it. If only I could be one of them!


Mobile phones are more used to send text messages than for making phone calls. Despite the length of a SMS being limited, many (most?) people prefer to communicate through text messages.

Given the improvements of smartphones, the choice between a Nokia N97 or an iPhone 3GS might seem an out of date question. Thanks to its application store, Apple's phone has won the battle against the Swiss knife from Norway.

Smartphones are toys for old children, executives play all day long with them. But their use isn't always recommended, and there are many drawbacks in using a smartphone at a conference.


Few technical objects are as appealing as the iPad. From web browsing to book reading or movie watching, the iPad is the best multimedia mobile device ever invented.

Camera manufacturers design, build and sell products with always more megapixels than the previous generation. But is it worth having a large number of pixels in a digital camera? For my use, I prefer a camera with a sensor having a reasonable number of pixels.